Everyone has a story. For most of us, it has little if any, interest to  most of  humanity.  I don’t expect what follows to ever be a New York Time’s best seller.  I doubt that the folks at that publication will ever know of its existence.  However, that doesn’t mean that no one will ever be interested in what I write.

My maternal great grandfather was a man by the name of Simon Peter Grosnickle. He lived and died before I was ever born. He never knew me, nor did he even know about me.  Of course I never knew him.  He was a school teacher, missionary, an astronomer, and a preacher. As far as I know, he never wrote his story. But if by some happenstance, the writing of his story were discovered, I would be willing to go to great lengths to secure and read a copy of it.  It would hold my attention.  I would love to read such a thing.  Why? Not because he was a great man, but because he was my great grandfather. 

I have written my story on the following pages, not because I think it is intrinsically great or important, but because I believe one day, there will be someone who is to me, what I am to Simon Peter Grosnickle—a curious descendent. 

 Therefore, I dedicate this book to my descendants.  I hope you find it indeed interesting, and worth sharing with yours.