ChloeAlmost a year ago, we got a kitten. Holly had wanted one for quite sometime. I was nonplussed about the idea. Someone with whom Holly worked had several kittens and she gave us one of them. Holly named her Chloe, but she probably thinks her name is “baby girl”

At first the Chloe didn’t like me. She spent much of her day under the bed. Whenever I would get near her she would run and hide. The shear size difference between the cat and me, I am sure was a factor.

However little by little she warmed up to me and I to her. Before long we found ourselves frequently laughing at her antics! Before long, I found that she had made place in my heart.

She is very entertaining! We enjoy watching her chase a laser. We laugh as she “stalks” it and tries to pounce on it. We are amused by her “going on bird patrol,” every morning. She jumps up in the window, and quivers with excitement as the birds fly by.

She is also very endearing. When she was a small kitten, my grandkids would come over and play with her. It is interesting to me that she warmed up to them almost immediately. When they left she would stand at the door and just cry after them. For quite sometime, every morning she would jump up in my chair and come all the way up in my face, as if to say, “good morning”. Sometimes she would then curl up between my feet and go back to sleep. I find enjoyment sometimes just watching how she is curled up in her sleep.

 One morning, as she was especially humorous, and entertaining, I asked myself this question, “Why is this cat like this?” Answer: She has this playful, entertaining, and endearing nature because God made her that way! Her humorous ways are an expression of God’s sense of humor! Her endearing ways are an expression and illustration of His affection for us. My cat reflects the glory of God, just by being a cat! She brings pleasure to Him, just by being herself! She does what she does because it is her nature to do so!

At that moment, I realized in a very fresh way, that God created me to be myself. When I am just being myself, I am endearing and yes even entertaining Him. He doesn’t just find pleasure in me when I am praying, witnessing, reading my Bible, or attending church. But He looks on me with pleasure, when I am enjoying my grandkids, and having fellowship with my family, and even sleeping. Why? Because I have been created in His image, and even though, I was born in a fallen state, I am now His new creation, created through salvation in Christ Jesus, to do good things!

God has created us with the nature that we have, and as our actions flow out of our nature, we bring glory and pleasure to Him.*

I believe God brought this cat in to our lives for our enjoyment, and as a reminder of His love for us.

I look forward to many more years of her companionship.

*I fully understand that cats are not moral agents with the ability to sin, like human beings. They do not have indwelling sin against which they must battle. But that is a topic for a different blog post and podcast.

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